Personal Branding for UX and design is essential these days. You have to stand out! Part One of the Google/Coursera Foundations of UX Design Course included an in-depth discussion of personal branding. As aspiring UX Designers, we shall be called upon to present ourselves to the world, and sell ourselves as professionals. Although I finished the Module easily, I decided to study the element of personal branding in greater depth, dedicating a significant amount of time to it in the past three weeks.

How do others see me?

It was particularly intriguing to compare what I think of myself to how others see me. I…

Discipline. Most of us, when we read that word, conjure up a strong mental image. It could be a domineering father, a strict school mistress, a sports coach or even a dominatrix. What few of us think, though, is of ourselves. Let me explain.

In our hierarchical society, discipline is often associated with the father figure, the boss, or whoever is running the show. What we observe is that discipline is unconsciously felt as an external force.

Discipline is something that is imposed upon us, by something or someone external. In my vision for a new paradigm of self-healthcare, discipline…

Uncertain times are great teachers. In these past weeks of health-based fear, many of us may have re-assessed our relationship to self-care. I have spent many years contemplating how exactly we can orient our self-care strategy, and today I felt like sharing.

In my 18 years in the wellness field, I have listened and observed very carefully. I have tried to form a compassionate philosophy around self-care, free of judgement and endowed with common sense.

People can, broadly, be divided into two distinct groups:

1. Those who eschew self-care and depend completely on the opinion of the medical community and…

Rachel Rose

Wellness Professional, aspiring UX Designer, investigating the UX of Wellness Apps and technology.

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